Shindaiwa Multi-Tool

Shindaiwa's Multi-Tool System              

is built for those looking for maximum versatility from a single tool.


A versatile, economical 2-stroke power source to handle all commercial landscaping needs.
• 23.9cc Commercial Grade Engine
• Quick-change Coupler
• Accommodates 9 Attachments




Multi-Tool Attachments


multi-trimmer-head_shdw_65001-(1)Trimmer Attachment 65001
Commercial-grade trimmer attachment using Shindaiwa's Speed-Feed 375 head. 34" length, 3.2 lbs.



Articulated Hedge Trimmer 65003
10-position articulation coupled with 20" blades with a 28" shaft for maximum reach. 57.5" length, 5.2 lbs


Multi_Edger2_400x400-(1)Lawn Edger Attachment 65010
8" blade with open-face shield and guide for effortless edging.  31.5" length, 4.7 lbs





Pole Pruner Attachment 65002
10" standard bar with 58" shaft for reaching high limbs.  73" length, 4.3 lbs





Brushcutter Attachment 65004
Commercial-grade construction with 3-tooth grass and weed blade.






Mid-Reach Articulated Hedge Trimmer 78703

10-position articulation with a shorter shaft for maneuvering in tight areas.  33" length, 4.8 lbs




Mid-Reach Pole Pruner 78702

10" bar and 19" overall length for trimming short trees or bushes.  Also ideal for limbing a downed tree.  19" length, 2.5 lbs





PowerBroom™ Attachment 80264

Ideal for cleaning gravel, mulch or other debris from grass or artificial turf.  36" length, 11.3 lbs